Covenant & Kingdom: Kingdom Parables


Exploring the theme of Covenant and Kingdom in light of the Kingdom Parables & the progression found in Matthew 13 – 25. The focus in the midst of all of this will be seeing how our story connects with God & His Kingdom.

Intro theme of Covenant & Parable of the Sower; Matthew 13.3-8, 8-23

Parable of the wheat/weeds; Matthew 13.24-30, 36-43

Parable of Yeast & Hidden Treasure; Matthew 13.33-52

Parable of the King; Matthew 18.23-35

Parable of the Land owner; Matthew 20.1-16

Parable of the 2 Sons; Matthew 21.28-32

Parable of the the Tenants; Matthew 21.33-44

Parable of the Wedding Banquet; Matthew 22.2-14

Parables of 10 Young Women & Talents; Matthew 25

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