Change the World?

Would you like to be able to completely change the world today? It’s not as hard as you might think. Rich Melheim – a colleague – has been working with our brothers & sisters in Pakistan who are doing life changing work for the sake of the Gospel. Currently the orphanage that cares for the widows and children has great need, and what would seem like nothing to you could make a huge difference for the sake of the Gospel. If you would love to make a difference, there is not a higher recommendation that can be given. If you’re interested in making a donation – please make a check payable to Faith Ink (with a note in the memo line for Pakistan) and send it to the following address: Faith Inkubators / P.O. Box 2307/ Stillwater, MN 55082. For more information – please don’t hesitate to ask! Please continue to hold our brothers & sisters in prayer!

Advent Litany of Confession

Silence for Confession

Leader: We confess…

All: that we see ourselves in the story of the beggars who have come before.

Leader: We read in Scripture that… ‘In those days–Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.’

All: We confess that we live our lives the same way–not wanting to acknowledge Jesus as King or not living like it’s true.

Leader: We confess…

All: that we often do not bother to listen for Your voice or want to ascribe authority to You.

Leader: Forgive us God…

All: For being more concerned with looking for signs than what the signs are pointing to.

Advent Practices

Both Advent and Lent serve as a great time to try out new and different practices that blend Biblical theology and community to help people as they follow Jesus, and move from head knowledge to heart knowledge.  As Advent is a time of waiting and hope, one such practice is to redesign your worship space/sanctuary.  If it’s possible, rearrange the seating so that you can be seated “in the round.”  Also a great idea for eucharist is to start with a group of 8 people (instead of the normal “line” or communing at the “rail.”).  The pastor begins by communing the person on his/her right.  The individual then communes the person on his/her right.  After receiving the elements, the person leaves and a new person comes to take his/her place as they are able/desire.  It does take additional time to celebrate the Eucharist this way; however, as we are focusing on a theme of “waiting” – it allows for meditation and a deeper sense of community as the body & blood, bread and wine are shared with each other.     Eucharist

Advent Medley

As the Advent season begins, there are lots of ways to use traditional hymns with an untraditional twist.  For example:  Pour Out Your Spirit Lord combined with O Come O Come Emmanuel.  Normally Pour Out Your Spirit Lord serves as a “chorus” between the verses of this Advent hymn.  Many people will intersperse different verses of Pour Out Your Spirit Lord (i.e.:  pour out your joy, peace, etc) as they correspond with different verses of O Come O Come Emmanuel.  For a chord chart and example, please click here:  Advent Medley