Lent In A Bag

Some of the best ideas end up in an entirely different place than you first imagined...  This particular story begins with a challenge. While it's a blessing to have lived in so many places in the United States and around the world... The challenge is - how do you keep up with your nieces and … Continue reading Lent In A Bag

Encounter The Promise

  Abstract and Theme- We live in a world and culture of broken promises and relationships.  Broken families, friendships, marriages, relationships with co-workers…  It happens in our schools, neighborhoods, homes, government, and our churches.   As we move into a culture that has found itself living into the idea of expressive individualism and "my truth," how … Continue reading Encounter The Promise

The Priesthood of All Believers Gets Practical – Part #4

Vacation Bible School.  Mission Trips.  Conferences.  As we find ourselves already part way through the summer months, church staff and volunteers find themselves in the midst of this beautiful (and exhausting) time of the year.  Because time spent in conversations, building relationships, and sleep is critical - we are here to help so you can … Continue reading The Priesthood of All Believers Gets Practical – Part #4