Encounter The Promise

  Abstract and Theme- We live in a world and culture of broken promises and relationships.  Broken families, friendships, marriages, relationships with co-workers…  It happens in our schools, neighborhoods, homes, government, and our churches.   As we move into a culture that has found itself living into the idea of expressive individualism and "my truth," how … Continue reading Encounter The Promise

Keep Church Weird

  An in-depth exploration of what the imperfect early church looked like and exploring what that means in our own communities of faith as we follow Jesus, living a life of discipleship.   Week 1:  Introduction – Keep Church Weird Week 2:  “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching.” -Acts 2.42  (Scripture) Week 3:  “And … Continue reading Keep Church Weird


  During Lent, we will be taking this opportunity to explore who we rightly are as humanity. Each session is done through the lens of a person, and this person and their arguments occur multiple times throughout the book of Job. You’ll note that originally this fell on  Palm Sunday as we explored God’s response to … Continue reading Job