Confession of Suffering

Holy God,

we confess we seek the easy way

the way of comfort,

the way of satisfaction.

We mark our road by success.

We measure our worth by victory.


In all these things,

we deny you.


We deny the way you set before us,

the way that points to the holy,

the way that guides us to the bare-faced

rule of God.


We deny the way of suffering.


We treat it as a plague,

evidence of defeat,

the problem of evil,

the reason to doubt.


Yet this is the very road on which you invite us.


We deny the blessing of pain.

We deny the trial of mourning.

We deny the teaching of loss.

We deny you

when we believe you cannot exist in such things.


When we deny suffering,

we deny the cross.

When we deny suffering,

we deny you.


Forgive us, suffering Christ.

Teach us to delight in your ways:

In mourning, denial, betrayal, beating

mocking, hanging, stabbed, and crucified.


Teach us the joy of suffering.

Teach us the way of the cross.

Blessed be your name no matter what the circumstances.


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