Pitstop 3 – Oil

The main function of motor engine oils is to lubricate the car engine parts.  Lubrication prevents excessive wear of parts, cleans the surfaces, keeps the engine cool, inhibits corrosion and keeps the engine sealed properly.  The Holy Spirit is God's seal on His people, His claim on us as His own. PDF Instructions:  Pitstop - … Continue reading Pitstop 3 – Oil

Pitstop 2 – Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, so it's crucial that you keep them well maintained and stay on top of any repairs.  Surprisingly, brakes are one of the most important safety features while fulfilling the mission. PDF Instructions: Pitstop 2 - Brakes Downloadable Take Away Card for Participant:  

Pitstop 1 -Water

Before you take a long car trip, it's wise to check the water, the battery, the radiator fluid, windshield wiper solution...  For believers, water signifies birth and life.       PDF Instructions:   Pitstop - Water Setup - Table, Marshmallows, water, bowl, paper towels

His Will, His Way

Are you ready to embark on a journey of faith?  Where will faith in God take you?  How do you find out what His will is for your life, ministry and church? PDF Instructions: His Will, His Way     Downloadable Take Away Card for Participant:

You Are Not Alone

Excitement and risk are both part of taking long road trips.  However, having the right traveling companion can turn a long, boring monotonous journey into an adventure.  In this day and age with technology, even when you are traveling alone, you never are truly traveling alone.  Now you can use your GPS instead of cumbersome … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Bring Your “A” Gam

Corporate America understands the principles of economy such as supply and demand, speed and simplicity, consistency and personality.  These principles are directly connected to the success or failure of any business.  Those who advance in corporate America, enter with their "A" Game.  All kinds of seminars and books are available to teach methodologies of that which is … Continue reading Bring Your “A” Gam