Lenten Devotion via Text

Pastor David Wendel has written a Lenten devotional named “From Ashes to Easter.”  It’s available on the NALC’s website at:  www.thenalc.org.  For those wishing to receive the Lenten devotional “From Ashes to Easter”  via daily text message, please text the word LENT to 614-230-0193.  (Standard text message rates apply – for the United States only.)

From Ashes to Easter

During this Lenten journey from “Ashes to Easter” – seek to cultivate reAshes to Easterlationships!  Leverage technology for the sake of the Gospel or just good old fashioned letter writing.  Download the following PDF – and write a text message, email, Facebook message or Instagram the person described each day!  (This resource was developed in conjunction with Pastor David Wendel’s Lenten Devotional – available at:  www.thenalc.org.)

Download for Free:  From Ashes to Easter Response