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FullSizeRenderIt’s pretty easy to loose focus.  It’s very easy.  Long ago in the far away land of southern California, there were some teenagers who volunteered to help with Vacation Bible School.  They came from a rough area and were new to the “church” world.  But they loved music and were so happy to help with anything they were asked to do.  So a bunch of tough guys started practicing every week to help lead kids’ songs.  The image of them singing “I just want to be a sheep, bah, bah, bah, bah…” is almost too fantastic for words.  (Of course, they eventually changed the lyrics to: “I just want to fall asleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.”)  But long hours prepping for the week and tensions began to run high.  One night a fist fight in the sanctuary was about to break out over which way to play guitar chords.  We had long been practicing that leading worship, playing music, and being in a rock band wasn’t what this was all about, but rather pointing to Jesus.  So the next day, I showed back up at the church with a ton of little rubber duckies.  Each person received one as a gift and was required to bring it to rehearsal to remind them to “duck, and point to Jesus.”



Lenten Devotion via Text

Pastor David Wendel has written a Lenten devotional named “From Ashes to Easter.”  It’s available on the NALC’s website at:  For those wishing to receive the Lenten devotional “From Ashes to Easter”  via daily text message, please text the word LENT to 614-230-0193.  (Standard text message rates apply – for the United States only.)