From Ashes to Easter

During this Lenten journey from “Ashes to Easter” – seek to cultivate reAshes to Easterlationships!  Leverage technology for the sake of the Gospel or just good old fashioned letter writing.  Download the following PDF – and write a text message, email, Facebook message or Instagram the person described each day!  (This resource was developed in conjunction with Pastor David Wendel’s Lenten Devotional – available at:

Download for Free:  From Ashes to Easter Response

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil 2

As an Easter Vigil, gather together in the form of an open house so people can come and go or stay for the entire event.  The main focus was to read Scripture out loud beginning around dinner time.  There were a variety of hands on, creative projects while Scripture is being read, such as:  dying Easter eggs; helping prepare the sanctuary; making a paper chain using questions, thoughts, or kairos moments throughout the evening, etc.  Just before midnight – we would exit the church building to sing a hymn, read one of the accounts of the resurrection with the light of the pascal candle and then enter the sanctuary at midnight to celebrate.  Alternatively this idea of reading Scripture out loud as a community at a vigil can continue throughout the year.

Tell Me Your Story

“Tell Me Your Story” -a great and different evangelism tool.  This was spray painted on a couch that was wheeled from our church to different places – a park at Ohio State University, the cross roads at a student union, a street corner, etc.  Instead of “evangelizing” and talking about our stories, we would simply ask people to tell us their stories.  We did have a few business cards or brochures in our bags, but the primary purpose was to hear people’s stories, because how can we love our neighbor if we don’t know them?

Tell Me Your Story