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Based on the Gospel lectionary reading for each week – receive a lock screen image with a key Scripture verse.  Text the word “focus” to 614-328-5636.  Sign up for this free tool today!  (Please note that individual carrier/standard picture mms rates may apply depending on your cellular carrier or plan.)

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Change the World?

Would you like to be able to completely change the world today? It’s not as hard as you might think. Rich Melheim – a colleague – has been working with our brothers & sisters in Pakistan who are doing life changing work for the sake of the Gospel. Currently the orphanage that cares for the widows and children has great need, and what would seem like nothing to you could make a huge difference for the sake of the Gospel. If you would love to make a difference, there is not a higher recommendation that can be given. If you’re interested in making a donation – please make a check payable to Faith Ink (with a note in the memo line for Pakistan) and send it to the following address: Faith Inkubators / P.O. Box 2307/ Stillwater, MN 55082. For more information – please don’t hesitate to ask! Please continue to hold our brothers & sisters in prayer!

Under Construction…

Thank you so much for your patience as this site is under construction.  Currently the “About Me” & “Prayer Stations” categories are up to date.  Also check out the “Resource” section for an initial list of helpful websites!  For more information, please check back soon!