Water and Spirit


Water and Spirit worshp picThis prayer station uses water and cups to demonstrate prayer for the Holy Spirit to fill our lives.

Prep and Leadership:

Place instruction sheets into page protectors and place a reminder label at the bottom right of the page protector. Prepare four or five mini stations around the “water element”. Each mini station will have a chair, a pitcher full of water, a cup, a large basin or bowl to catch the water, Towels and a covered instructional page. Hang a station sign on the back of each station chair. Place the full pitcher and cup inside the basin in front of the chair. Towels to the side of the chair and instructions in the chair.


  • Pitchers of water Bins to catch water Cups
  • Towels
  • One set of instructions in page protectors for each mini station
  • Chairs
  • Water Display/Fountain/Baptismal Font
  • Floating candles in Hurricane Vases
  • Table &Table Cloth if needed for water display
  • Station Signs for the back of each chair


Prayer Station Instructions:

Take some time to settle down, taking deep breaths and relaxing your body. Acknowledge God’s presence with you here, and ask God to help you be open to whatever God wants to reveal to you.

We are all like jars of clay. God’s Spirit not only fills us with love, grace, and hope, but those things spill over and begin to splash on others. That is why smiles, generosity, and laughter are considered contagious.

Take a cup and the pitcher of water. Ask God to fill you with love, and as you do so, slowly fill the cup with water until it is full and over flowing. Let the water flow over your hand and into the basin. As you do this, imagine God filling you with His Spirit to the point of overflowing.

You may empty your cup and fill it again while thinking of His grace, hope or other abundant blessings that come to mind.

God of all who thirst,
Our hearts are parched from wandering in deserts, Far from your life-giving springs.
Call us to your well.
May we drink often from your stream.
Fill our cups with your grace.
Let your love overflow in our hearts,
And make us fully alive.

Source: http://www.creativeprayer.com

Printable Resources: Water and Spirit Activity Instructions-2

Water and Spirit Prayer Station Sign-2

Water and Spirit 3

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