Litany of Meh

leader: Here we go again. Another worship service. Singing, praying, etcetera, etcetera.

all: Same old, same old


leader: Blah, blah, blah
all: You know, same old, same old.


leader: Makes you want fireworks and laser lights. Cupholders in our seats, surround sound.
all: 3D! We want it in 3D!


leader: It seems like boring equals failure. Like it has to amaze us or it isn’t worth it.
all: Bigger! Brighter! Shinier! We want the special, the extra-awesome! Super size it!


leader: Is there something wrong with ordinary? Is there a problem with normal?
all: Who wants normal? We want the newest, the fastest, we want 5G


leader: But when will you be new enough? When will it be fast enough? When will we get to the end of our seeking the next?
all: When will we be satisfied?


leader: Perhaps the farther we move from normal, the more we move from the everyday.
all: And that is where we live.


leader: Lord, show us joy in the meh. Give us hope in the normal. Make the mundane so holy we cannot turn our backs on it.
all: Yes!


leader: So here we go, worship again. Singing, praying, same old, same old and it is the most beautiful normal ever.

all: Let’s do it!

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