Litany of Faith

Leader: Why have you come? What do you wish to see?

ALL: We wish to see a new way, see hope reborn, to see what we know in our hearts but do not always see with our eyes.


Leader: Where does this exist? How do you know it is here?

ALL: We know that wherever two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, God is there. We know that when we love one another, God becomes visible.


Leader: How do you know it is true? How can you trust such a thing?

ALL: It seems too good, too big, too wide, too far out to be true. But the ache in my bones, the itch in my doubt, the craving of my soul I cannot ignore. I cannot prove it, I just know it to be true.


Leader: What now? What do we do now?

ALL: We sing.


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