House of Balance 

House of Balance Worship

This contemplative prayer station uses a floor plan of a house to visually walk people through their life and prayerfully examine how personal faith is reflected in the different areas of our daily living.

Prep and Leadership:

At the door of the prayer station place the welcome mat and a small table or podium. Tape a floor plan of a simple house on the floor. Label the floor plan with the room signs provided. On table provide instructions so people can walk in and pick them up. Place a few chairs in each “room” to provide a place to stop and contemplate.

The Bedroom (Intimate Relationships)
Closet (The Secrets Only God Knows)
Family Room (Children, Parents, Siblings, Etc)
Office/Den (Details such as Finances, School, Work, Entertainment) Kitchen/Dining Room (Attitudes and Serving Others)
Living Room (Most Public Room – The image you show others)


Masking or painters tape
Room signs/label
Instructional Sheets for each participant Chairs for the rooms
Welcome Mat

Prayer Station Instructions:

Welcome Home! You have just entered into the “floor plan” of your inner self. Please take an opportunity to walk through the house and pause in each room to prayerfully exam your “inner rooms”

Allow your imagination to play a large part in this activity. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your imagination and to help you be open to God’s presence.

Ponder the questions below for each room:

What does this room represent in my life and in my thinking?

What kind of items would I see lying around in this room?

How do I interact with God in this room, if at all?

How often do I let God into this room?

This week, every time you enter the room in your physical home that you struggle the most with inwardly, let it be a reminder of this conversation with God.


Printable Instructions:  House of Balance Activity Instructions-2

House Worship Station                            House of Balance Worship 2

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