Confession -Show us our sin


Leader: God we come before you, not even recognizing our sin, if you had not shown us.

All: And that is our plea now Jesus. That you would show us our sin so that we would see our even greater need for you. Then please, we beg you, speak your healing over us.



Leader: God we confess…

Men: That we are selfish and self centered.

Women: That we take Your story, what You are doing, and we make Your story all about ‘me.’


Leader: God we confess…

Women: That we would rather twist your Word

Men: Rather than wrestle with the difficult things that You are saying to us.


Leader: God we confess…

Men: That we look for the quick fixes and easy solutions in our lives.

Women: Instead of bringing all of our cares, worries and concerns directly to You.


Leader: God we confess…

All: That we are a people who have lost hope, focus, and would rather do things ourselves than be in a relationship with You. We beg for Your forgiveness and that You would not take Your Spirit from us.


Leader: God, we plead with you..

All: That You would cleanse us from all sin and unrighteousness. That You would open our eyes so that we could see that we are a part of Your story because You have called us your children. And that you would lead us into all truth.


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