Confession of Unknowing

Leader: we come before God with our confession…


Most merciful God,

all: we confess to you, maker of the universe, that we wish to make you small,
men: to make you knowable,
women: to make you understandable

all: we confess that we trust our own reason, beliefs, and thoughts
men: that you would be small enough to fit what we can understand,
women: that you would fit a word, a thought, or an idea

all: but you are bigger than a word,

bigger than a thought,

bigger than an idea,

bigger than anything we would wish to contain you with.

all: forgive us, for we are proud
men: forgive us, for we are small and do not understand
women: forgive us, for we are finite, and you are infinite.
all: give us courage to revel in your mystery,

to trust what we cannot understand,

to follow what we hope and trust.

To you be the glory, now and forever


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