Confession of Silences

leader: WE come before God, silently,

confessing our need for change. Ponder with me the ways we have fallen short of who God made us to be.


Most merciful God…


all: God, we confess before you that we have failed to do what you have called.

men: We have spoken when we should have been silent,

women: We held our tongues when we should have spoken.

leader: We are called to care for one another,

to be pastor to our neighbor,

and we have failed.


All: Pour out your Spirit on us once again,
men: ignite in us a courage to speak and remain silent,
women: to cry out and to cherish peace.


all: Help us to remain in the silences,

listening to your word,
growing in your will,
living to serve you.
We trust in your forgiving Word. AMEN.

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