Confession of Me

Leader: God we confess to you that we are a people that keep coming back to this parable hoping for the message to change.

All: Because we like the stuff that we can earn so this is a Sunday we would rather not be here to hear what You’re saying to us.


Leader: We want what’s due to us. We want fairness & equality.

All: And we want it now. We want what benefits us.


Leader: We are like the little kid yelling:

All: “Mine, mine, mine.”


Leader: We don’t want the last to be first.

All: We think that we deserve to be first.


Leader: We confess that we desire this grace, mercy and love from You.

All: But would turn around and deny it to our neighbor, our friends and our enemies in the same breath.


Leader: God this is a confession of self.

All: A confession of ‘me.’


Leader: We confess that we are envious of your generosity.

All: We want it for ourselves but not for others.


Leader: God we confess to you that in life we are self centered

All: And we measure everything in view of what’s best for “me.”


Leader: But if we’re really honest, we confess that we feel guilty.

All: Because we are like the workers at the end of the day who get paid the same even though we only work a few hours.


Leader: That guilt eats at us.

All: Because we assume that you made a mistake if You let us in the kingdom. Choosing to love us has to be a mistake

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