Confess Your Identity

We often believe the lies about ourself that are whispered instead of our true identity won for us by Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection.  Ideally – it’s best to have a sermon or message on this particular topic.  Then ask participants to confess what lie they believe (or their sin) on a disposable name tag.  As each individual then comes forward for communion, the name tags are removed and placed on a cross for them.  A new name reminding them of their identity is bestowed upon them for the rest of the worship service.  (Note – this is a great place for smaller children to help – they do a great job taking old name tags off or being “runners” to put them on the cross.)  While celebrating the Lord’s Supper might take longer, it’s well worth it to see the power as people recognize and remember their true identity.



Supplies needed:  disposable name tags, markers, cross, additional people to help during the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  (“New name” tags should be made up in advance – don’t worry about matching things up to a particular person’s confession, God seems to always take care of that.)

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