Chapters of Our Lives

Chapters of our Lives

 This prayer station is intended to help participants reflect on the journey of life and how God is a part of each stage or chapter.

Prep and Leadership:

Depending on the seating available, make a seating area using comfy chairs, love seats, and chairs. If available, arrange around a coffee table. Coffee table can be decorated with a few stacks of book and the pillar candles provided. Cover the six foot display table with the white table cloth. Set up the two easels behind the table for displaying the poster size table of contents pages. On the display table arrange a few stacks of book, books together with the book ends, a library lamp in each of the back corners, the pens and activity prayer pages. Safely scatter a few votive candles around the display table if available.


  • Table and table cloth Stacks of books
  • Book ends
  • Pillar candles and votives Library lamps
  • Large poster “table of contents”
  • Example of personal table of Contents
  • Table of Contents worksheet for each participant


Prayer Station Instructions:

God is the author of life. He has been intricately and intentionally weaving together the details of our lives to create our story. On the Table of Contents page, take some time to consider the chapters of your life. Where did your journey with God begin? What would you title each of your chapters? Once you’ve identified the major chapters in your life, go back and consider which chapter was God working the most obviously and powerfully? What did He reveal about Himself and how has that shaped your story?

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